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New York State Department of Motor Vehicles MV-50 RETAIL/MV-50W WHOLESALE ORDER FORM www. dmv.ny. gov INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT You must return a completely used book before we can give you a new book. To order a new supply of MV-50s or MV-50Ws 1. sign and date this order and enclose a check or money order payable to COMMISSIONER OF MOTOR VEHICLES. DO NOT SEND CASH. To order a new supply of MV-50s or MV-50Ws 1. sign and date this order and enclose a check or money order payable to COMMISSIONER...
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Hello my name is David from DNA Auto wholesale today we're going to be going over filling out a New Jersey title as if you were buying the car from a private seller to make sure that you don't have any problems at DMV make sure you follow the step by step we're going to go over real quick what the New Jersey title is and how it looks for the sake of privacy for the person whose title this is I put a piece of paper here over it with the name John Doe one two three any Street Avenue Springfield New Jersey etc okay up here is the VIN number that's a 17 digit VIN which will correspond to your vehicle year make and model the make and model are abbreviated to three characters only and the body type it will usually be four door-to-door van wagon convertible etc the type of title of standard gross vehicle weight color most of the stuff you don't need to worry about axles the one thing you do want to check here is the mileage this is the last time this car was titled with this many miles and this letter here a stands for actual if you look here you'll see what the other letters stand for if it's s that means salvage if it's F that means flood make sure that if it's not if it's anything but a know what you're getting yourself into this is the back of the New Jersey title we're going to start from the top down on the top here this is where you put the mileage on the vehicle as it is currently do not put the tenth of the mile so if it has a hundred three thousand four hundred miles you put 103 four hundred these two boxes are deceiving in most circumstances ninety-nine percent of time do not check those boxes again do not check those boxes it will devalue the call and brand the title will go over those boxes at the end of the video you also need to put the price you paid for the vehicle here under sale price if you're paying a significantly less amount than the book value of the car for whatever reason it may be if the car is cosmetically poor or mechanically broken take pictures or save receipts of the repair because New Jersey might send you a letter saying that you paid too little tax for the value of the vehicle we're going to fill this title out as if a seller and a buyer we're working together to do an automobile transaction we're going to start from the top down and again the seller and the buyer together should fill this title out and make sure it's done correctly on the top we're going to assume this vehicle has a hundred four thousand five hundred miles on the odometer, so we're going to write one zero four five hundred again do not check these boxes leave them alone the buyer for this case will be his name will be Steve Stevenson, so Steve will write his information here Steve's address will be one two three Steve Street in Tea neck New Jersey and this is what he would appear on his license he would put his license number here, and then we will now go down to the cellar is to person on the front of the title in this case it's John Doe at one two...
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